Sexy Stories
Sexy Stories

The Forbidden Brother’s Journal

The Forbidden Brother’s Journal


Laura and Tom’s father had passed away the year before. The siblings had not been particularly close, so when it came time to clean out his estate, they simply auctioned everything off. Laura received several of his collectibles that she put in her attic, never to be seen again.
A couple of weeks ago, while going through the items on the attic shelves, Laura found one of her father’s journals. In it, he described the many sexual exploits he had engaged in with his younger sister, who he called “Sis.”
Laura was shocked, but the stories were hot, and she read them over and over. She could not imagine being with her brother, Tom, sexually. However, she did have an older brother, Mark, whom she was not very close to. He had always lived in another state, and she had not seen him for at least 15 years.
A few days later, the journal and her forbidden desires were still on Laura’s mind. When Tom asked if he could come over for dinner, Laura had an idea.
At about 6:30, Tom arrived at Laura’s home. “I hope you like chicken. It’s one of the few things I can make.”
Tom laughed. “You know I like whatever you cook. What’s for dessert?”
“That’s a surprise,” Laura said. “Go ahead and sit down. I’ll be right in.”
Tom walked into the dining room. On the table, he saw a journal, his father’s journal. He looked at the cover. “Where did you get this?”
Laura walked in and sat across from him. “Oh, I was up in the attic last week. I found it, and I was reading it, and well, you need to read it. I think you’ll be shocked.”
Laura got up and left the room. A moment later, she returned with a bottle of wine and two glasses. She poured a glass for each of them. “It’s pretty good, I think,” she said.
“It’s really good,” Tom said after taking a drink. He sat the journal down and looked at Laura. “Did you show me this just because it’s dad’s, or is there something else?”
Laura blushed. “Well, yeah. I guess that is the point. I mean, you and me, we could…”
“I thought we agreed that was a fantasy that wasn’t going to happen,” Tom said, a smile forming on his face.
“Yes, I know, but…” Laura stammered, “well, there is something else.”
“Okay, I’m listening,” Tom said. He was still smiling.
“It’s your sister,” Laura said.
“I have more than one sister,” Tom said.
“The young one. Becky,” Laura said.
“Yeah? You have the hots for my little sister?”
“No,” Laura said. “We were talking, and, well, she wanted to know what it would be like to be with a girl, to, you know, have sex.”
“Oh,” Tom said, his voice changing.
“Yeah, and well, she didn’t know how to go about it, so I said I would ask you,” Laura said.
“I think she can handle it on her own,” Tom said.
“Well, no. You see, she can’t. It’s not just the girl part. It’s, well, she doesn’t want her first time to be with some stranger. She wants it to be special, and she thinks it will be if her brother does it,” Laura said.
“Wow. Really? Becky is a virgin?” Tom said.
“Yep, and she really wants it to be you, and well, maybe…” Laura said.
“No, it can’t be both of us. I’m sorry, but that is going too far,” Tom said.
“I’m not asking for me. I’m not. Well, maybe a little, but mostly for her. It would be so wrong, and, well, she is 18 and she should have a man. Her brother would be the perfect man, don’t you think?” Laura said.
“Yeah, but that doesn’t change the fact that it would be wrong,” Tom said.
“Well, then do it for me,” Laura said. “Do it so that you and I can get closer.”
Tom sat there, thinking. “It would be a fantasy, but it would also be wrong.”
“So? Fantasies are never wrong. Besides, it’s just a little incest, not a big deal, really. Everyone does it, you know. Just read the journal,” Laura said.
“What did you think about it?” Tom said.
“I liked it. The way he talked about his sister, it was like the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard,” Laura said.
“It was kind of hot, I guess,” Tom said.
“Kind of? It was very hot,” Laura said.
“Well, let me eat. We can talk more afterwards,” Tom said.
Tom ate, and so did Laura. After dinner, they moved into the living room.
“Do you think about us? Like that, I mean,” Tom asked.
“I’ve read the journal at least 10 times,” Laura said.
“Yeah? You like reading about Sis getting fucked?” Tom asked.
“I like it a lot. It makes me wet, thinking about the two of them doing all that stuff,” Laura said.
“Does it bother you that I’m your brother?” Tom asked.
“Not really. If anything, it turns me on more. Knowing it is forbidden, I think, makes it better,” Laura said.
“So you want me to fuck Becky and then come here and fuck you, too?”
“I would like that,” Laura said.
“Have you had any fantasies about my sisters?”
“Just Becky. I have an older brother, too, remember? Not that I think about him like that, but I think of Becky in that way.”
“So, if she and I do this, will she come here for you to, well, you know,” Tom said.
“Becky will not know,” Laura said. “We can keep that part between us.”
“Why not have her come here?”
“She won’t do it. She would only do it if you did it, not me.”
“She doesn’t want to be with a woman?”
“No, she just wants her brother, and then she wants her first time to be something special.”
“That doesn’t sound right,” Tom said.
“Oh, you should read the journal. It’s really, really hot,” Laura said.
“I think it might take me awhile. It would have to be a secret, just between us.”
“Yes, I won’t tell a soul, and neither will Becky.”
“So, I’ll call her later and we can get this started. Do you know where she is now?”
“She is upstairs in her room. Why don’t you go up there? I’ll let you two be alone,” Laura said.
“And I should take the journal, too. Okay, I’m going to do this,” Tom said.
“Good. You won’t be sorry. Just be nice to her. She has never been with anyone,” Laura said.
“She is still a virgin, and she wants her first time to be with a brother? Yeah, I’ll be nice, and gentle,” Tom said.
“Good,” Laura said. “Oh, one more thing. Don’t use a condom. I know she is on birth control.”
“What? How do you know that?”
“We were talking. She told me. Now go upstairs,” Laura said.
“Okay, okay. I’m going,” Tom said.
“I have a surprise waiting,” Laura said.
Tom got up and walked upstairs. At the end of the hall, he stopped at his sister’s bedroom door. He paused a moment before knocking.
“Come in,” Becky called.
“Hi. What’s up?”
“Not much,” Becky said.
“You talked to Laura recently?”
“Yeah, I had dinner with her tonight,” Becky said.
“Oh,” Tom said. “Did she talk to you about anything else?”
“Yeah, she said she would ask you about…well, you know,” Becky said.
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“I am,” Becky said. “It would be fun.”
“Are you nervous?”
“No,” Becky lied.
“Okay, I’m not either,” Tom lied.
“Good. Should we just start?”
“If you want. Are you ready for bed?”
“Not really. Maybe I should change clothes, though.”
“Well, go ahead,” Tom said.
Becky got up and walked to her dresser. She stood facing it as she pulled off her top. Then she unfastened her bra and let it fall.
“Wow. You have nice breasts,” Tom said.
Becky giggled and turned toward him, her arms folded across her chest. “They’re just small, is all.”
“Small can be nice. Mine aren’t that big,” Tom said.
“Yours are okay,” Becky said. “Do you like mine?”
“Yeah, very much. You should uncover them,” Tom said.
“You’re right,” Becky said. She put her hands on her hips, and then lowered them, her breasts hanging freely.
“Now your shorts,” Tom said.
Becky pulled her shorts and panties down, stepping out of them.
“You’re a very pretty girl,” Tom said. “You shouldn’t hide.”
“Thanks,” Becky said. “Should I undress you?”
“Sure,” Tom said.
Becky pulled off Tom’s shirt, and then she pushed his shorts and underwear down. “Your penis is bigger than mine,” Becky said.
Tom laughed. “Maybe you should suck it. Would you like that?”
“I don’t know. Is that how girls are supposed to be?”
“You can do whatever you want. There are no rules.”
“Then I’ll suck it,” Becky said. She reached out and took his cock in her hand, feeling the hardness and warmth.
“It’s really big. How will it fit in me?” Becky asked.
“I’m sure it will be okay,” Tom said.
Becky held her brother’s cock and leaned over, her mouth near the tip. She flicked her tongue across the head and then took it in her mouth. She began sucking.
“That feels good. You’re a natural,” Tom said.
“Hmm,” Becky said, her mouth full.
“Now turn around and bend over,” Tom said.
Becky stood and then bent over.
“That’s a lovely pussy. Very hairy, and very nice,” Tom said.
“Should I shave it?”
“You can if you want,” Tom said. “But I like the hair.”
“Okay, I’ll leave it,” Becky said.
“Spread your legs,” Tom said.
Becky spread her legs as she bent forward.
Tom stepped forward and touched his cock to his sister’s pussy lips.
“Put it in,” Becky said. “Do it.”
Tom pressed the tip against Becky’s tight opening. He felt resistance and then his cock head slipped inside.
“Ow,” Becky said.
“Relax,” Tom said. He pressed his cock a little deeper.
“It hurts,” Becky said.
“Keep going. Put it all the way in,” Becky said.
Tom put a hand on each of Becky’s hips and pushed.
“Ow. It hurts a lot,” Becky said. “Don’t hurt me.”
“You want it all the way in?”
“Yeah. I’m not a chicken,” Becky said.
“Okay, hold on, and relax. This might hurt some more,” Tom said. He began pushing his cock deeper and deeper.
“Aaah,” Becky cried.
Tom held his cock in place. “It’s in. All the way.”
“I can feel it,” Becky said.
“Does it still hurt?”
“Yeah, but it’s starting to feel good, too.”
“I’m going to start fucking you,” Tom said.
“Fucking me?”
“I’m going to move in and out. That’s fucking,” Tom said.
“I’ve heard the word, but it sounds so naughty.”
“It is. We’re fucking. Your brother is fucking your tight pussy.”
“I like the sound of that,” Becky said.
Tom pushed his cock all the way in, and then pulled back until just the tip remained. He kept pumping, in and out, harder and faster.
“You’re so deep inside,” Becky said.
Tom pushed hard and his sister fell forward, his cock slipping out.
“Sorry,” Becky said.
“Get on the bed, on your back,” Tom said.
Becky crawled onto the bed and lay on her back. Tom climbed up and knelt between her legs. He put his cock to her pussy and pushed.
“Ow. It doesn’t hurt as much,” Becky said.
“You’ll get used to it,” Tom said.
“Will you do something different?”
“I’m open to suggestions,” Tom said.
“Put one of your balls in my mouth,” Becky said.
Tom’s face was shocked. “My ball?”
“I heard a girl do that. She had her boyfriend put his testicle in her mouth, and she sucked on it.”
“Where did you hear that?”
“On the internet. A porn video. She was sucking the guy’s balls and his cock.”
“So, you want to try it?”
“Yes, and then after that, you can fuck me again,” Becky said.
Tom slid his cock slowly from Becky’s pussy and scooted forward. He lowered his balls until they were in her face.
Becky opened her mouth and sucked a ball in.
“That feels nice,” Tom said.
Becky moved her tongue over the smooth skin, and then she started sucking.
“That’s good. Really good,” Tom said.
“Suck on your sister’s pussy,” Becky said.
Tom moved down. He ran his tongue over Becky’s slit and then plunged his tongue deep into her hole.
“Ah, that’s wonderful,” Becky said.
Tom began licking his sister’s pussy, using his fingers to spread her wide open. He moved his mouth up and began licking her clit.
“Ah. Ah,” Becky moaned.
Tom kept licking. He flicked his tongue rapidly over his sister’s clit.
“Ah, aah, oh my god, oh god,” Becky moaned.
“Does it feel good?” Tom asked.
“Yeah. So, so good. Keep doing it.”
“Okay. It’s fun. My tongue is getting tired, though.”
“Just lick a little longer,” Becky said.
“How many orgasms will you have?”
“Just one, I guess. How many can I have?”
“Some girls can have lots. You should be able to, too.”
“Try touching yourself.”
“With you watching?”
“Sure. That’s no big deal.”
“Well, I want to feel your mouth on my pussy,” Becky said.
“Fine. You do that. I’ll lick your ass.”
“No. No way,” Becky said.
Tom pushed his fingers into Becky’s pussy.
“Oh,” Becky moaned.
Tom pulled his fingers out. He rubbed her juices over her tight pucker and then pressed his finger inside.
“Stop it,” Becky cried.
Tom kept his finger in her ass and licked her pussy.
“Ah. That’s nice,” Becky said.
After a few minutes, Tom said, “Try to make yourself cum.”
“With you watching?”
“Because that’s the only way I’ll let you stop,” Tom said.
“I guess that’s fair,” Becky said. She pushed her brother’s head away and brought her fingers to her clit. She rubbed the tip of her middle finger across it.
“How’s that?”
“Good,” Becky said.
Becky rubbed and rubbed, feeling the tingles growing in her body. She felt something and looked down to see Tom’s fingers pumping in and out of her ass.
“What are you doing?”
“Playing with your ass.”
“You’re bad,” Becky said.
“I’m your brother,” Tom said. “It’s okay.”
“Yeah, I guess,” Becky said. She went back to rubbing her clit.
She closed her eyes and tried to imagine what it would be like having sex with another girl. She didn’t think Laura would do the things her brother was doing.
“I’m about to cum,” Becky said.
“Cum hard,” Tom said.
“Aah. Aaah. Oh,” Becky cried as the orgasm rocked her body. Her whole body tingled and throbbed.
“Good job,” Tom said.
Becky relaxed. “Thanks. It felt good.”
“Ready to fuck again?”
“Yeah, sure. Do you have a condom?”
“No. We don’t need one.”
“Yes, we do. I’m not getting pregnant.”
“It’s safe. Don’t worry.”
“I want a condom.”
“Fine. If that’s the way you want it,” Tom said.
“It is. I don’t care what you say.”
“We can go without a condom tomorrow,” Tom said.
“Are you crazy? I’m not having sex with you again,” Becky said.
“Oh yes, you are. We’re doing this every day for the next week.”
“No way,” Becky said.
“If you’re worried about the money, you don’t have to pay me. I’m happy to do it.”
“Money? What are you talking about?”
“Laura told me about the money. You’re paying me to fuck you. I’ll do it, but without a condom.”
“That’s stupid,” Becky said. “I don’t have any money, and I wouldn’t pay you to fuck me.”
“Oh. I misunderstood. You were paying Laura?”
“No. There is no money.”
“So why did you agree to fuck me every day for a week?”
“Because I wanted to. I didn’t say a week.”
“We’ll see how it goes. We can always do more if you want,” Tom said.
“Maybe,” Becky said.
“Now, are we going to do it without a condom, or are you going to get a condom?”
“Without,” Becky said.
“Really? Are you sure?”
“Yeah. You’re clean, right?”
“Of course. You know, we can fuck your ass, too. You’d like that, I bet.”
“Maybe, but not yet. Not tonight,” Becky said.
“When? Soon, though,” Tom said.
“Soon,” Becky said.
“Can I do you doggy style?”
“Like a dog?”
“Doggy style is a position. You get on your hands and knees,” Tom said.
“Oh. Yeah, we can do it like that.”
“Get on your hands and knees,” Tom said.
“Wait. How will I, well, get pregnant?”
“Don’t worry about that,” Tom said.
“Well, maybe it’s too soon. I haven’t had my period yet, so…”
“No, it’s not too soon. I’ll do you and then go home. Your period is not coming for at least a week,” Tom said.
“If you say so,” Becky said.
“Let’s just have fun. No more talking,” Tom said.
Becky got on her hands and knees, her ass toward Tom.
“That’s nice,” Tom said.
Becky felt her brother’s hands on her ass. He spread her cheeks wide, and then she felt his tongue.
“Ah. Oh,” Becky moaned as her brother’s tongue probed her asshole.
“That feels good, huh?”
“Yeah, but don’t eat my ass.”
“Just a little,” Tom said.
“Okay, a little. But don’t do that with anyone else. Just me,” Becky said.
“Whatever,” Tom said.
“I’m serious.”
“You want your brother’s tongue in your ass, but not anyone else’s. You’re weird,” Tom said.
“Yeah, well, maybe. It’s just us, okay?”
“Sure,” Tom said.
Becky was quiet a minute while her brother licked her pussy. “Do it to me,” Becky said.
Tom stopped and pressed his cock against his sister’s pussy. He pushed it in and felt the tightness.
“It still hurts a little,” Becky said.
Tom started pumping in and out, pushing his cock deep into his sister.
“Ah, ah,” Becky moaned.
Tom held his sister’s hips and pumped harder and faster.
“Fuck me. Fuck me,” Becky cried.
“I’m fucking you,” Tom said.
“Harder,” Becky said.
“Your cunt is so tight,” Tom said.
“That’s a bad word.”
“Your pussy is tight.”
“Yeah, that’s better.”
“And wet. It’s so wet and warm.”
“Ah, yeah, fuck me,” Becky cried.
“Oh god, I’m going to cum,” Tom said.
“Inside. Cum inside me,” Becky cried.
Tom kept pumping. He felt his balls tighten.
“I’m gonna cum. Ah, ahhh,” Tom cried. He pushed his cock all the way in his sister’s pussy and held it there.
Becky could feel the hot liquid spurting deep inside her.
“Wow. That was awesome,” Tom said.
“My arms are getting tired,” Becky said.
Tom pulled his cock from his sister’s pussy.
“Oh. Some came out,” Becky said.
“It’s okay. That’s not where the sperm are,” Tom said.
“Is the sperm already dead?”
“Yeah, it dies right away,” Tom said.
“So, you’ll be okay if you pull out.”
“I’m not pulling out,” Tom said.
“You promised. You’re going to leave, aren’t you?”
“I changed my mind. I want to fuck you all night.”
“No. That’s not fair,” Becky said.
“What’s not fair is not being able to get my cock in your tight little pussy,” Tom said.
“Sorry, but I want you to go.”
“Come on. Don’t be like that.”
“I don’t want you to stay,” Becky said.
“Please. I’ve been wanting this for so long.”
“No. Go.”
“I’ll fuck you in the ass if you let me stay.”
“No. That’s not fair. We have a deal.”
“I’ll fuck you and put my fingers in your ass.”
“No. Get out,” Becky said.
“You’re no fun. Fine, I’ll leave,” Tom said.
“Thanks. And don’t tell anyone about this.”
“Who would I tell? It’s not like I’m going to brag that I fucked my sister,” Tom said.
“I meant Laura,” Becky said.
“Why would I tell her?”
“I don’t know. I just don’t want her to know.”
“Well, you don’t have to worry. I don’t tell her about the other girls I fuck.”
“Other girls?”
“You think you’re the only one? You’re not even close,” Tom said.
“Yeah. Laura and I have a thing going.”
“What kind of thing?”
“We fuck a lot. That’s all.”
“And she doesn’t care about the other girls?”
“No. She knows about them. We’re just having fun. No strings.”
“You should have told me that,” Becky said.
“Would it have mattered?”
“Probably not. But you could have offered to pay me.”
“Laura’s not like that,” Tom said.
“I know.”
“You could come over and join us sometime,” Tom said.
“Join you? What, you’d both fuck me?”
“Yeah. And I could watch you two,” Tom said.
“Maybe, but not tonight,” Becky said. “You can’t sleep here.”
“I’ll go. But first, can I lick your pussy some more? And suck on your tits?”
“I guess, but you have to leave right after.”
“You can jerk me off,” Tom said.
“No. No more. Just my pussy and tits.”
“Okay. It’s a deal,” Tom said.
Tom moved up and stuck his cock between his sister’s tits.
“You can’t cum on me,” Becky said.
“Just let me feel it.”
Becky moved her tits around, and then Tom was back between her legs. He ran his tongue over her pussy and sucked on her clit.
“Oh, that’s good. It’s really good.”
Tom sucked on his sister’s clit, using his tongue to flick it back and forth.
“Oh god. Oh. Ahhh,” Becky cried as the orgasm swept through her body.
“Wow, that was quick,” Tom said.
“Yeah, it was. It felt so good.”
“Can I fuck your tits again?”
“No. But you can rub them,” Becky said.
“That will make my cock hard.”
“It doesn’t have to.”
“It’s going to. Your tits are so soft,” Tom said.
Becky rubbed her tits against her brother’s cock, and he started thrusting back and forth.
“Do you like it?” Becky asked.
“Yes. It’s making my cock feel good.”
“Good. Now stop. No more,” Becky said.
“Aw, come on,” Tom said.
“That’s enough.”
“But I didn’t get to cum. It’s not fair.”
“Life isn’t fair,” Becky said.
“Then at least jerk me off,” Tom said.
“No,” Becky said.
“I can’t believe you’re not going to help me.”
“You have hands. Use them.”
“You’re the worst sister ever,” Tom said.
“Thanks,” Becky said.
“At least let me kiss your tits again,” Tom said.
“Okay. But just my nipples. Nothing else.”
Tom put his mouth over his sister’s nipple and started sucking.
“Mmm, that’s good. It feels really nice,” Becky said.
After a while, Tom stopped and looked at his sister.
“Is something wrong?” Becky asked.
“No. I’m just not getting hard,” Tom said.
“Are you tired?”
“Yeah, a little.”
“Then you should go,” Becky said.
“Do you want me to jerk off before I leave?”
“If you want,” Becky said.
“I need a blow job.”
“I’ll kiss it,” Becky said.
“Fine,” Tom said. He stood up and pushed his cock at his sister.
“That’s it. Just kiss it.”
Becky kissed her brother’s cock.
“More,” Tom said.
Becky kissed it a few more times and then licked it.
“Oh yeah. That’s nice,” Tom said.
“Do you want me to suck on it?”
“If you want,” Tom said.
“Yeah, I want to. Just for a minute.”
“That’s all I need,” Tom said.
Becky opened her mouth and took her brother’s cock in. She moved her head back and forth.
“Oh yeah. Keep going.”
Becky bobbed her head back and forth, moving her tongue over her brother’s cock.
“Mmm, I’m getting close,” Tom said.
Becky kept moving her head and licking her brother’s cock.
“Oh shit. I’m going to cum,” Tom grunted.
Becky felt the warm liquid squirt into her mouth. She swallowed it all and kept sucking.
“Damn, that was good,” Tom said.
Becky pulled away and wiped her mouth. “Yeah, it was.”
“Can we do this again tomorrow?”
“I’ll think about it,” Becky said.
“Now get dressed and go,” Becky said.
“Sure thing,” Tom said.
He left Becky’s room and went back to his own. He lay in bed thinking about what had just happened. He couldn’t believe his sister had given him a blow job. It was amazing. He fell asleep smiling.
When he woke up the next morning, he remembered that he was going to see Becky again. He was excited. He was hoping she would let him fuck her in the ass.
Becky woke up feeling sore and a little confused. She remembered the night before and how good her brother’s cock had felt in her. She thought about the way his tongue had felt when he had licked her pussy and the way his fingers had felt when he had pushed them into her ass.
“He’s going to come over again,” Becky thought. She was excited and scared. She wanted it, but she didn’t know if she should.
“It’s okay. It’s just sex,” she told herself.
“But it’s with your brother,” she thought.
“Yeah, but he’s hot,” she thought.
“What if he wants to do it again?” she thought.
“It’s just for fun. It’s not serious,” she thought.
“I’m not going to fall in love with him. We’re just going to have fun,” she thought.
She got out of bed and walked over to her closet. She looked at the clothes and wondered what she should wear.
“I want him to want me,” she thought.
She decided to wear her shortest skirt and her tightest top. She also decided to wear a thong and no bra.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she thought.
“Maybe this is a mistake,” she thought.
“I should talk to Laura,” she thought.
“I need someone to talk to,” she thought.
She went downstairs and saw her parents watching TV. They were sitting together on the couch.
“Hi,” Becky said.
“Hey,” her mother said.
“Where’s Laura?” Becky asked.
“In her room,” her mother said.
“I’ll be right back,” Becky said.
“Have fun,” her mother said.
“We will,” Becky said.
She hurried to Laura’s room and knocked on the door.
“Come in,” Laura said.
Becky went into the room and closed the door.
“What’s up?” Laura asked.
“Can I talk to you?” Becky asked.
“What’s wrong?” Laura asked.
“Nothing’s wrong,” Becky said.
“Something is wrong. You’re acting weird,” Laura said.
“It’s nothing,” Becky said.
“It’s about Tom, isn’t it?” Laura asked.
“Kind of,” Becky said.
“I told him,” Laura said.
“You told him what?” Becky asked.
“About us,” Laura said.
“You’re sleeping with him,” Becky said.
“Yeah. Is that a problem?” Laura asked.
“No. I just don’t want you to get hurt,” Becky said.
“Don’t worry. I can take care of myself,” Laura said.
“I know,” Becky said.
“You like him, don’t you?” Laura asked.
“I didn’t say that,” Becky said.
“He likes you,” Laura said.
“That’s not what I came to talk about,” Becky said.
“What then?” Laura asked.
“Sex,” Becky said.
“You and Tom had sex?” Laura asked.
“No,” Becky said.
“Good,” Laura said.
“I had sex last night,” Becky said.
“With Tom?” Laura asked.
“No, not with Tom,” Becky said.
“With who?” Laura asked.
“You know how we agreed to have sex with each other?” Becky asked.
“Yeah,” Laura said.
“Well, I was horny and you were busy with Tom,” Becky said.
“So you had sex with someone else,” Laura said.
“Yeah,” Becky said.
“Who?” Laura asked.
“Jason,” Becky said.
“Jason from school?” Laura asked.
“Yes,” Becky said.
“The one I dated for a few weeks last year,” Laura said.
“That’s the one,” Becky said.
“But he dumped me for that slut, Ashley,” Laura said.
“I remember,” Becky said.
“You had sex with him?” Laura asked.
“He’s hot,” Becky said.
“Are you kidding me? He’s a total loser,” Laura said.
“Yeah, but he’s hot,” Becky said.
“Is this why you don’t want me and Tom to be together?” Laura asked.
“No, I don’t care,” Becky said.
“Then why are you telling me this?” Laura asked.
“Because I’m confused,” Becky said.
“You like him, don’t you?” Laura asked.
“I don’t know,” Becky said.
“Yes, you do,” Laura said.
“I can’t,” Becky said.
“Why not?” Laura asked.
“It’s just wrong,” Becky said.
“But you want him, don’t you?” Laura asked.
“Yes, but we can’t,” Becky said.
“Why not?” Laura asked.
“Because it’s wrong,” Becky said.
“You already did it,” Laura said.
“I didn’t think he would do it,” Becky said.
“How was it?” Laura asked.
“He’s good,” Becky said.
“And?” Laura asked.
“He’s hung,” Becky said.
“So you let him fuck you,” Laura said.
“Yeah,” Becky said.
“Did he like it?” Laura asked.
“Yeah,” Becky said.
“Are you going to do it again?” Laura asked.
“I don’t know,” Becky said.
“Did he cum inside you?” Laura asked.
“No, he pulled out,” Becky said.
“Do you want him to fuck you again?” Laura asked.
“I think so,” Becky said.
“So, what are you going to do?” Laura asked.
“I don’t know,” Becky said.
“I say go for it,” Laura said.
“Maybe,” Becky said.
“Come on, don’t be a chicken,” Laura said.
“Maybe,” Becky said.
“Go ahead,” Laura said.
“Maybe,” Becky said.
“Go,” Laura said.
“Fine, I’ll go,” Becky said.
“That’s better,” Laura said.
Becky went to the bathroom to pee. She looked at herself in the mirror and tried to decide what to do.
“I can’t believe I had sex with him,” she thought.
“I need to do it again,” she thought.
She left the bathroom and went to her room. She took off her clothes and got under the covers.
“He’s so hot,” she thought.
“I need to fuck him again,” she thought.
“I’m going to call him,” she thought.
“Hello,” a voice said.
“Hey, it’s me,” Becky said.
“Me who?” the voice asked.
“It’s me, Becky,” Becky said.
“What do you want?” the voice asked.
“Can you come over?” Becky asked.
“Is something wrong?” the voice asked.
“No, everything’s fine,” Becky said.
“What is it then?” the voice asked.
“Just come over,” Becky said.
“Now?” the voice asked.
“Right now,” Becky said.
“But my parents are here,” the voice said.
“Tell them you’re going out with your friends,” Becky said.
“What about my mom and dad?” the voice asked.
“You can tell them,” Becky said.
“What’s so important that you can’t tell me on the phone?” the voice asked.
“It’s a surprise,” Becky said.
“Okay,” the voice said.
“Just hurry,” Becky said.
“I’ll be there in a few minutes,” the voice said.
“Thanks,” Becky said.
“See ya,” the voice said.
“Bye,” Becky said.
“Now what am I going to do?” she thought.
She got up and started pacing around the room.
“Should I call him again?” she thought.
“What if he says no?” she thought.
“Maybe he’s busy,” she thought.
“He could be with another girl,” she thought.
“It wouldn’t surprise me,” she thought.
“But that’s okay. It’s not serious,” she thought.
“I want him to want me,” she thought.
“I should wear something sexy,” she thought.
She opened her closet and started looking through her clothes.
“This one’s nice,” she thought.
“But too formal,” she thought.
“How about this one?” she thought.
“No, too slutty,” she thought.
“That’s the point,” she thought.
“He’ll love it,” she thought.
She put on the outfit and checked herself in the mirror.
“Perfect,” she thought.
“It looks great,” she thought.
“It will look even better when he’s taking it off,” she thought.
She sat down on her bed and waited.
“What if he doesn’t come?” she thought.
“Don’t be silly,” she thought.
“He wouldn’t dare turn down sex,” she thought.
“If he does, I’ll kill him,” she thought.
“It’s his loss,” she thought.
“Maybe he’s busy,” she thought.
“Or maybe he’s already had sex,” she thought.
“I wonder who he’s having sex with,” she thought.
“I can’t let him get away with this,” she thought.
“Why would he have sex with someone else? I’m much prettier than they are,” she thought.
“But he is a boy. Boys are stupid,” she thought.
“Especially boys like him,” she thought.
She lay on her bed and tried to relax.
“Maybe he’s not coming,” she thought.
“What am I going to do then?” she thought.
“I hope he comes,” she thought.
“I have to have him,” she thought.
“Why am I so horny?” she thought.
“It’s him. He did this to me,” she thought.
“Why did I sleep with him?” she thought.
“It’s too late now,” she thought.
“It would be awkward to stop now,” she thought.
“Plus, it felt good,” she thought.
“He was a virgin. But he knew what he was doing,” she thought.
“It was kind of cute,” she thought.
“His dick was bigger than I expected,” she thought.
“Maybe I can’t handle him,” she thought.
“No way. He can’t beat me,” she thought.
She got up and looked out the window.
“I wonder what he’s doing,” she thought.
“Hopefully thinking about me,” she thought.
She opened her bedroom door and went to the top of the stairs.
“Are you coming down soon?” her mother called from the living room.
“In a minute,” Becky said.
“We’re leaving soon,” her mother said.
“Okay,” Becky said.
Her parents were going out and had told her and her brother to watch the house.
“Have fun,” her mother said.
“Bye,” Becky said.
Becky walked down the stairs and sat on the couch.
“Where’s your brother?” her mother asked.
“I think he’s taking a shower,” Becky said.
“Okay, we’ll be home later,” her mother said.
“Okay, bye,” Becky said.
Her mother and father left and Becky was alone in the house. She was still waiting for her brother to come over.
“Where is he?” she thought.
“I’ll have to go find him,” she thought.
Becky got up and went upstairs to her brother’s room.
“Tom, are you in there?” she asked.
“Yeah, what’s up?” her brother replied.
“Can I come in?” Becky asked.
“Sure,” her brother replied.
Becky entered her brother’s room and saw him sitting on his bed.
“What do you want?” her brother asked.
“I need your help,” Becky said.
“What with?” her brother asked.
“This,” Becky said, pulling her top off and exposing her breasts.
“Woah, what are you doing?” her brother asked.
“I’m trying to seduce you,” Becky said.
“But you’re my sister,” her brother said.
“So?” Becky asked.
“What do you mean ‘so’?” her brother asked.
“It doesn’t matter,” Becky said.
“No, it does matter,” her brother said.
“Why?” Becky asked.
“Because we’re family,” her brother said.
“We’re siblings,” Becky said.
“Which makes it worse,” her brother said.
“Come on, you know you want to,” Becky said.
“What are you talking about?” her brother asked.
“You wanted to fuck me last night,” Becky said.
“How did you know about that?” her brother asked.
“You left your clothes and phone in my room,” Becky said.
“Why are you bringing it up?” her brother asked.
“Because I want you,” Becky said.
“Look, I’m sorry about what happened last night,” her brother said.
“It’s okay,” Becky said.
“No, it’s not. I shouldn’t have done that,” her brother said.
“But I’m glad you did,” Becky said.
“Are you serious?” her brother asked.
“Yeah, I liked it,” Becky said.
“Seriously?” her brother asked.
“Seriously,” Becky said.
“Why?” her brother asked.
“Because I’m horny,” Becky said.
“Are you saying you want to have sex with me?” her brother asked.
“Yes,” Becky said.
“You can’t be serious,” her brother said.
“Yes, I’m serious,” Becky said.
“You’re my sister,” her brother said.
“So?” Becky asked.
“We can’t have sex,” her brother said.
“Why not?” Becky asked.
“It’s wrong,” her brother said.
“Not if we keep it a secret,” Becky said.
“It doesn’t matter,” her brother said.
“Yes, it does,” Becky said.
“No, it doesn’t,” her brother said.
“Then why were you hard last night?” Becky asked.
“I wasn’t,” her brother said.
“Stop lying,” Becky said.
“Fine, I was hard. But I’m not anymore,” her brother said.
“Why not?” Becky asked.
“Because,” her brother said.
“Because what?” Becky asked.
“I’m not going to have sex with you,” her brother said.
“We’ll see about that,” Becky said.
Becky got on her knees and began to undo her brother’s pants.
“What are you doing?” her brother asked.
“Getting rid of your pants,” Becky said.
“No, stop,” her brother said.
“Shut up and let me suck your dick,” Becky said.
Her brother tried to push her off, but she was too strong.
“Damn, you’re good,” her brother said.
“You’re so big,” Becky said.
She began to move her hand up and down her brother’s shaft.
“You’re going to make me cum,” her brother said.
“I want to taste it,” Becky said.
“Oh my God,” her brother said.
“Give me all of it,” Becky said.
“Fuck!” her brother shouted.
Her brother began to thrust his hips as he came in her mouth. She swallowed all of it and licked her lips.
“Mmm, that was delicious,” Becky said.
“Why did you do that?” her brother asked.
“Because I want to fuck you,” Becky said.
“I can’t,” her brother said.
“Are you gay?” Becky asked.
“No,” her brother said.
“Then what’s the problem?” Becky asked.
“You’re my sister,” her brother said.
“Does that matter?” Becky asked.
“Of course it matters,” her brother said.
“Just forget it,” her brother said.
“But,” her brother said.
“Just get naked,” her brother said.
“Really?” Becky asked.
“Really,” her brother said.
“You won’t regret this,” Becky said.
“I sure hope not,” her brother said.
Becky stood up and began to remove her clothes. Her brother watched in awe as her body was revealed.
“Fuck,” her brother said.
“Like what you see?” Becky asked.
“Oh, hell yeah,” her brother said.
“Now, I want you to fuck me,” Becky said.
“I thought you said you wanted to fuck me,” her brother said.
“I meant both,” Becky said.
“Well, if that’s the case, get on the bed,” her brother said.
Becky obeyed her brother’s command and got on the bed. Her brother climbed on top of her and pressed his lips to hers.
“Mmm,” Becky moaned.
“Fuck me, Tom,” Becky moaned.
“What was that?” her brother asked.
“I said fuck me,” Becky repeated.
“I thought I heard you say my name,” her brother said.
“Please, Tom, just fuck me,” Becky said.
Her brother smiled and began to slide his cock into her wet pussy.
“Oh my God,” Becky moaned.
“Fuck, you’re tight,” her brother said.
“Keep going,” Becky moaned.
Her brother began to thrust his hips, causing his cock to move in and out of her pussy.
“That’s it,” her brother said.
“Tom, don’t stop,” Becky moaned.
“I’m not stopping,” her brother said.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Becky moaned.
Her brother continued to pound her pussy until she reached her orgasm.
“Oh my God,” Becky moaned.
“Was that good?” her brother asked.
“Yeah,” Becky said.
“That’s not fair,” her brother said.
“What do you mean?” Becky asked.
“I didn’t get to cum,” her brother said.
“Let me help you with that,” Becky said.
Becky took her brother’s cock in her hand and began to stroke it.
“Mmm, that feels good,” her brother said.
“Good, now shut up and let me enjoy this,” Becky said.
“As you wish,” her brother said.
Becky stroked her brother’s cock until he reached his orgasm.
“Oh, fuck,” her brother moaned.
“That’s better,” Becky said.
“Damn, that was hot,” her brother said.
“Yes, it was,” Becky said.
“Are you ready for more?” her brother asked.
“Always,” Becky said.
The End.


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