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Lily in Emily’s Room After the Bar Closes

Lily in Emily’s Room After the Bar Closes; lesbian girls story

Two young girls, Emily and Lily, met in a bar one night. Emily, with her long, wavy blonde hair and captivating blue eyes, was wearing a tight black dress that hugged her curves. Lily, on the other hand, had short, raven black hair and piercing green eyes, accentuated by her seductive red lipstick. They were both in their early twenties and had an instant connection. As they danced and laughed together, their hands occasionally brushing against each other’s hips or waists. It was a night filled with excitement and anticipation.

When the bar began to close, Emily invited Lily back to her place. They shared a taxi ride back to Emily’s apartment, their bodies pressed against each other in the backseat. Once they arrived, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other any longer. They kissed passionately, their tongues tangling as their breasts pressed together through their clothes. They stumbled into Emily’s bedroom, their eyes locked on each other’s.

Emily gently pushed Lily onto the bed, her hands moving to unbutton Lily’s blouse. Lily arched her back in anticipation, her breath coming in ragged gasps. As Emily slipped off Lily’s blouse, revealing her lacy black bra, she leaned down and teasingly took one of Lily’s nipples into her mouth, eliciting a moan from deep within Lily’s throat. In response, Lily reached up and tugged at Emily’s hair, urging her to continue.

Meanwhile, Emily worked on unbuttoning Lily’s tight jeans, her fingers fumbling with the tiny button at the waist. She slipped them down, revealing Lily’s black lace thong. With a sigh of relief, Lily kicked off her shoes and pants, leaving her completely exposed. Emily admired Lily’s smooth, toned legs and the dark triangle of hair that pointed towards her wet, eager sex.

Lily reached down and gently guided Emily’s head towards her throbbing nipple. She moaned as Emily took it into her mouth, sucking and teasing her sensitive flesh. Her hips began to move instinctively, grinding against Emily’s face as she sought release.

Emily, lost in the sensation of Lily’s body beneath her, felt a wave of desire wash over her. She moved up Lily’s body, kissing and nipping at her neck and collarbone. Her hand slipped between their bodies, teasing the edge of Lily’s wetness as she sought entry.

Lily arched her back, her hips bucking wildly as Emily’s finger finally found its target. She moaned loudly, her head thrown back against the pillow. Emily smiled, watching as Lily’s body reacted so beautifully to her touch. She slowly slid a second finger inside Lily, feeling her tightness as she stretched her, and began to move them together in a steady rhythm.

Their kiss deepened as Emily continued to pleasure Lily, her tongue dancing with Lily’s, their breath mingling in a sensual symphony. Lily reached down and gripped Emily’s hair, urging her to go faster, harder. Emily obliged, thrusting her fingers deeper inside Lily as she sucked on her neck.

The sounds of their passion filled the room, echoing off the walls and through the apartment. Their bodies moved together in perfect harmony, their skin flushed and slick with sweat. Lily’s moans grew louder, more desperate, as she neared her climax. She arched her back off the bed, her fingernails digging into Emily’s shoulders as she let go.

Emily felt Lily’s body tense beneath her, the walls of her sex squeezing tight around her fingers. She quickened her pace, determined to send Lily over the edge. With a final thrust, Lily cried out, her orgasm washing over her in waves. Her body convulsed, her muscles tensing and relaxing as she rode out the intensity of the sensation.

Emily leaned down, capturing Lily’s lips in a passionate kiss as she felt the warmth of her release on her fingers. She continued to move, savoring the feel of Lily’s body as it slowly returned to normal. Finally, she withdrew her fingers, kissing and licking them clean before looking up at Lily.

Lily’s eyes were closed, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she caught her breath. Emily smiled, running her fingers through Lily’s damp hair. “That was amazing,” she whispered, her voice hoarse from desire.

Lily opened her eyes, a lazy smile spreading across her lips. “I’m glad you enjoyed it,” she said, her voice husky from their recent passion. She reached down, grabbed Emily’s hand, and pulled it towards her. “But I want more.”

The end.

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