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Sexy Stories

Lesbian sex with best friend

Lesbian sex with best friend

Lesbian sex with best friend

My name is Barbara. My best friend Sonia and I met in school 10 years ago, and over the years she had become the best friend anyone could ever have. We are so much alike in almost everything. Our interests, the books we read, and especially our love for boys and their bodies.

Our relationship is one of those that we can tell each other anything, and even though she had her fair share of boyfriends, and I was more on the shy side when it comes to boys, we were there for each other during the rough times.

Sonia is a very attractive girl with her long blond hair and green eyes, but even as she got the attention from the boys, she always felt that they were looking at her boobs and not into her eyes. That made her very insecure at first, but she had learned how to use them in her favor.

I on the other hand, had a harder time attracting the guys. My shoulder length dark brown hair was always in my way and made me look like a little girl. So I was always jealous of Sonia and her boobs.

I had a small frame and very small B-cup breasts. I was so jealous of Sonia when her breasts started growing during the 10th grade and now were a full C-cup. She knew how much it bothered me, so she always took the opportunity to tease me with them.

One night after I had a fight with my parents, I called Sonia and asked her if I could sleep at her house, since I was grounded for the rest of the week.

I went over and her parents were happy to have me, as I was a second daughter for them. Her sister was still living at home, so I had to share her bedroom.

When we got into her room and she closed the door, she gave me a hug. I always loved her hugs, because she always pressed her soft boobs against my face. I always told her that she did that on purpose.

“No, I don’t, that’s how girls give each other hugs, with our boobs!”

She was right, and I have gotten used to it, although I still thought it was a bit weird.

Sonia and I took off our clothes down to our underwear and started to relax on the bed. Sonia’s body was very toned. She liked to work out, so she had a nice athletic body.

“So, what did you and your parents fight about?”

“It’s nothing; my dad just thinks that I am spending too much time on the phone.”

“Oh, did he say something about your boyfriend?”

“Not really, he likes him, but I think my mom is jealous of him.”

“What did he do?”

“He called her pretty and my mom got mad at him and started to yell at me.”

“Wow, that’s fucked up.”

“Yeah, so that’s why I am here.”

“Well, I am happy that you are here, I missed you.”

“You missed me or you missed the boob squeezes.”

“Well, that’s all you are good for.”

She said that while holding her breast and making it jiggle.

“You are such a slut.”

“That’s not the first time I heard that. Maybe I should start charging for them.”

“Well, then I should start charging you too.”

“For what?”

“For this,” I said, and stuck my finger in her belly button.

“Stop that,” she laughed, and tried to push my hands away.

“No, you want some too.”

“I can do it myself.”

“Sure you can, but it feels so much better when someone else does it.”

I kept on tickling her until she begged me to stop.

“Alright, that’s enough, or else I am gonna pee in the bed.”

“Eww, you are such a slut.”

We relaxed on her bed for a while and started talking.

“Hey, I forgot to tell you something.”


“Guess who I had sex with last night?”

“Your boyfriend.”

“Yes, but not just him.”

“Really? Who else?”

“With another girl.”

“Who, do I know her?”

“Yes, you do. Her name is Amanda and she is from the cheerleading squad.”

“I thought you are a straight girl.”

“I am, but the opportunity came and I decided to take it.”

“Wow, are you bi now?”

“Not really, Amanda just had a crush on me, and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.”

“So, how did it happen?”

“Well, she invited me to her house and her parents weren’t home. She wanted to watch a movie, so we put on some shorts and a t-shirt and laid down on her bed. We talked for a while and she told me that she had a crush on me. I was a bit shocked and told her that I was not a lesbian, but she said that she knew that, and the only reason she invited me over was because she was attracted to me. She said that it would mean a lot to her if we would just kiss, so I told her I would kiss her. But when I kissed her, she kissed me back so hard and I was turned on by that, so I pushed her onto her back and started to kiss her neck.”

“Wow, that was so kinky.”

“Yeah, I know. But the feeling of kissing her and her skin on my lips was amazing. She told me that she had dreamt of me touching her breasts, so I took off her shirt and bra and started sucking on her nipples. I felt like a lesbian, but she was so hot. After I was done with her boobs, she pulled down my pants and underwear, and started licking my pussy.”

“Was that the first time another girl did that to you?”

“Yes, and it felt so different than a guy.”

“Yeah, I would like to try that.”

“Do you want to try it with me?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Come on, it’s not that bad. Let’s take off our underwear and play a little. I won’t do anything to you, and if you don’t like it, we can stop.”

“I don’t know. I am a bit afraid.”

“Please, for me. It will be so much fun.”

“I will, but only because you are my best friend.”

We both took off our panties and Sonia was sitting cross legged, with her pussy fully exposed.

“Wow, that looks so hot.”

“What? My pussy?”

“Yeah, it does. Are you sure you never did it before?”

“Nope, never. You are the first girl that sees me naked.”

“Me too. So, where do we start?”

“How about we give each other kisses, so we can get more comfortable with each other.”

“Alright, I can do that.”

I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time, and when I leaned in to kiss her, I could smell her breath. It smelled of mint and something else.

“You brushed your teeth.”

“I did, so the other girl wouldn’t be disgusted by my breath.”

“You are so considerate. How was her breath?”

“Not as good as yours. Now, let’s kiss.”

We kissed and it was so different than a boy. Her lips were soft and moist. We both opened our mouths and our tongues met. I was a bit reluctant at first, but she forced her tongue into my mouth and started playing with my tongue.

After a while, she laid me on my back and got on top of me. She was kissing my neck and then she moved down to my chest. She cupped my small breasts and squeezed them.

“Oh, that’s so good. It’s like they were always waiting for someone to grab them.”

She licked and sucked on them, and it was driving me crazy.

“Oh, god, that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

She was licking and sucking my nipples and her hand moved down to my pussy. She gently inserted a finger into me and I almost came.

“Oh, Sonia, you are so good. Keep going, I want more.”

She stopped licking my nipples and moved down to my pussy. She started to lick me and suck on my clit.

“Oh, my, God. That feels so good. Yes, that’s it, keep doing that.”

I was writhing and moaning and begging her to make me cum.

“Please, Sonia, make me cum, I can’t take it anymore.”

“Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes, please. Just fuck me. I need you to make me cum.”

She moved her finger back and forth, and I was in heaven. She was fingering me and licking my clit at the same time, and the orgasmic pleasure was so intense, it was driving me insane.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum,” I moaned.

I started to cum and it was the most amazing feeling in the world. I felt my pussy pulsing and throbbing, and the sensation was so intense.

“Oh, god, oh, god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

I came all over her face, and she licked up all of my juices. She was still fingering me and it was driving me crazy.

“Oh, god, that was amazing, that was the most amazing thing ever.”

“I told you, you would like it. Did you really think it would be bad?”

“No, I just thought that it would be different.”

“So, you are not regretting it?”

“Hell no, that was the best thing that happened to me. What about you?”

“Well, I’m a little bit horny.”

“I can see that. Do you want me to make you feel better?”

“Would you do that for me?”

“Of course, I would. What are friends for.”

“Can I lay on your face, I would like to see your face when you make me cum.”

“Sure, come on.”

She crawled up my body and positioned her pussy over my face. She was wet and the smell was so strong.

“Are you sure you have never done this before?”

“Yeah, I have never touched another girl.”

“Ok, then, let’s do this.”

I licked her pussy and the taste was a little bit weird, but not unpleasant.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it, keep licking me. Use your tongue, use your tongue.”

I started licking her and she was moaning and grinding her hips. She was moaning and her pussy was soaking wet.

“Oh, god, yeah, that’s it, you are doing great.”

“Am I?”

“Oh, yes, that’s it, you are gonna make me cum. Keep licking, keep licking.”

She was grinding her hips and her pussy was grinding on my face. She was getting close to cumming.

“I’m gonna cum, oh god, I’m gonna cum.”

She was grinding her hips and her pussy was pushing down on my mouth. I was licking her pussy and she was grinding her hips, and I was so turned on. I wanted her to cum all over my face.

“I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, oh god, I’m gonna cum.”

She was grinding her hips harder, and her pussy was pushing down on my mouth. Her pussy was dripping with juices, and her clit was throbbing.

“Oh, god, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

She was grinding her pussy hard and I could feel her pussy throbbing. She was cumming and I was licking her pussy.

“Oh, god, I’m cumming, oh, god, I’m cumming.”

She was pushing her pussy down on my mouth and her juices were pouring out. I was licking her pussy and she was pushing her pussy down on my mouth, and I could feel her juices running down my chin.

“Oh, god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

She was cumming and her juices were pouring down my face. Her pussy was throbbing and she was moaning. She was pushing her pussy down on my face, and her juices were running down my face.

“Oh, god, that was the best orgasm I ever had.”

“Did you like it?”

“Oh, god, yes. I didn’t know that girls could cum like that.

“Me either. But you made me feel really good, and I wanted to return the favor.”

“Well, you did. You made me feel like a woman.”

“You are a woman, Sonia. Don’t forget that.”

“I won’t, thanks to you.”

We snuggled in the bed and fell asleep. We had been friends for a long time, and I was glad that I finally got to explore my sexuality with my best friend.

The next day, we were still naked in the bed, and Sonia was looking at me with a big smile on her face.

“What are you thinking about?”

“I’m just happy that we finally had sex. I always wanted to have sex with you.”


“Yes, I always thought you were a beautiful girl and I was attracted to you. I just didn’t know if you were attracted to girls too.”

“I am. You were the first girl I had sex with.”

“And you were the first girl I had sex with.”

“Well, maybe we should have sex more often.”

“Yes, we should. Maybe we should have a sleepover every weekend.”

“That would be awesome. Then we could have sex whenever we wanted to.”

“That would be so hot.”

“Yeah, we could try different positions and things.”

“I would like that. I would like to see you fuck yourself.”

“I would love that. I would like to watch you fuck yourself.”

“I would like that too. I would like to watch you suck my pussy.”

“That would be so hot. You have such a beautiful pussy.”

“You have a beautiful pussy too.”

“I would love to see you suck my pussy. I would love to suck your pussy.”

“Then why don’t we start right now?”

“Okay, but I want to be on top this time.”

“I think we can manage that.”

We both giggled and got into position.



“Okay, let’s do it.”

The end

Lesbian sex with best friend

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