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Lesbian Heat Wave at the Party

Lesbian Heat Wave at the Party
Lesbian Heat Wave at the Party

Lesbian Heat Wave at the Party


Emily had been looking forward to the sorority’s annual Halloween party for weeks. It was always the biggest event of the year, and she loved seeing all her friends dressed up in their costumes. This year, she had decided to go as a sexy vampire, complete with a revealing black dress and thigh-high stockings that would be sure to turn heads. Lesbian Heat Wave at the Party
She stood in front of her mirror, carefully applying her makeup. The black lipstick made her full lips look even more enticing, and she darkened her eyes with heavy eyeliner and mascara. Finally satisfied with her reflection, she grabbed her red plastic fangs and headed out the door.
When Emily arrived at the party, it was already in full swing. Music blared from the speakers as people danced enthusiastically on the makeshift dance floor set up in the living room. The air was thick with the smell of alcohol and sweat.
Emily pushed her way through the crowd to find one of her friends at the bar mixing drinks.
“Hey! About time you showed up,” said Megan, sliding a cup across the counter to Emily. “I made you your favorite.”
Emily took a sip of the pink concoction before giving Megan a grateful smile. “Thanks! You’re a lifesaver.”
“No problem,” Megan replied with a shrug. “I figured you’d need something strong after getting stuck at that stupid lab all day.”
Emily nodded in agreement before glancing around to see if she recognized anyone else at the party.
“Have you seen Emma anywhere?” she asked finally.
Megan shook her head as she poured another drink for one of their other friends who had just shown up. “Nope, sorry. I’m guessing she’s probably upstairs somewhere getting it on with whoever she brought as her date though.”
Emily laughed as Megan handed over another drink before leaving to go find some other people they knew who had just arrived.
It wasn’t unusual for Emma to disappear at parties like this. She was the kind of girl who always had a boyfriend, and she never missed an opportunity to hook up with him whenever she could.
Emily continued to make her way around the party, sipping her drink as she went. She chatted with various friends and danced a bit on the crowded dance floor but couldn’t quite shake off a feeling of restlessness. She kept finding herself scanning the room for Emma.
Realizing that it would probably be a futile attempt to try and find her friend in the sea of people, Emily decided to head upstairs instead. The sorority house was big enough that there were plenty of places to escape from the chaos below.
As Emily climbed the stairs, she heard faint moans coming from one of the rooms down the hall. She rolled her eyes, guessing that it was probably Emma going at it again with yet another guy who would be quickly forgotten once Halloween was over.
She walked quietly past the room, not wanting to interrupt their fun before moving further down the hall in search of somewhere quieter to relax for a few minutes.
Just as she reached for the handle of one of the doors, another door across from her flew open causing her to jump back in surprise.
Out stumbled a tall brunette dressed as Wonder Woman followed closely by Emma who was frantically trying to fasten her skimpy S&M nurse costume back together which was falling apart under Wonder Woman’s eager hands.
The two girls were so wrapped up in each other they barely even noticed Emily standing there until she cleared her throat loudly causing them both to look up.
Emma’s eyes grew wide with panic when she saw Emily standing there but before she could say anything Wonder Woman stepped forward, looking Emily up and down slowly before smirking and saying,
“Nice vampire costume.”
Emily blushed under Wonder Woman’s scrutiny but managed to stutter out a thanks as she wondered what exactly Wonder Woman and Emma had been up to before she interrupted them.
Wonder Woman looked like she was about to say something else when Emma quickly jumped in, trying to drag the attention back onto Emily.
“Umm… so listen, Em. I was just telling Diana here that you’re totally into girls and that you have a super big crush on me…”
Emily’s eyes went wide with panic as she shot Emma a glare causing her friend to give an apologetic wince before continuing,
“…And Wonder Woman here wanted to know if it would be cool if we took this party back to our room.”
Emily stood there for a moment, unsure of how to respond. She glanced nervously at Wonder Woman who gave her a hopeful smile as she discreetly held up a roll of duct tape.
Finally, Emily nodded in agreement, turning her gaze back toward Wonder Woman. “Yeah, I think I could be okay with that.”
The two girls grinned at each other before bounding down the hallway together hand in hand like they were old friends leaving Emily to quickly scramble after them.
As soon as they entered the room, Wonder Woman wasted no time in pulling Emily close and crushing her lips against hers. Emily eagerly returned the kiss, tangling her fingers in Wonder Woman’s long dark hair.
She felt hands sliding up under her dress and moaned into Wonder Woman’s mouth as warm fingers traced over the tops of her stockings and up along the insides of her thighs.
Someone began tugging on the strings holding up one side of Emily’s dress causing it to quickly fall away revealing her lack of underwear underneath. She had gone commando tonight knowing that it would make any potential hookups with guys much easier but hadn’t really expected anything like this to happen tonight.
She broke off from kissing Wonder Woman for a moment so that she could quickly step out of the pool of fabric at their feet but was soon pulled back into another searing kiss. She could feel her nipples hardening and was acutely aware of how exposed she was as she stood there completely naked apart from her thigh-high stockings.
Still, she couldn’t bring herself to care about any of that when Wonder Woman’s lips felt so good against her own. She moaned into the kiss as one of the brunette’s hands returned to its previous position between Emily’s thighs, this time sliding easily through the wetness that had already begun to pool there.
Emily gasped at the feeling of Wonder Woman’s fingers against her bare pussy, grinding her hips down against them as she desperately sought more friction. She felt a laugh rumble through Wonder Woman’s chest as their bodies pressed even closer together and realized suddenly that Emma had been standing there watching them quietly this whole time.
She tried to turn her head to look at Emma but was quickly stopped by Wonder Woman’s hand which fisted in her hair keeping their mouths locked together. At the same time, another pair of hands began tracing feather-light touches along Emily’s back causing goosebumps to break out across her skin.

Lesbian Heat Wave at the Party
She groaned into Wonder Woman’s mouth as those hands slowly made their way down to cup her ass before giving it a firm squeeze which caused Emily to grind even harder against the hand still buried between her thighs.
The person behind Emily continued to knead at her ass cheeks before finally giving them a gentle push causing Emily to stumble backward onto the bed which sat pushed up against one wall covered in disheveled sheets and an assortment of sex toys scattered across one corner.
She looked up at Emma who stood there watching with a hungry expression on her face, bright red lipstick smeared slightly around her mouth where it had been rubbed off during their earlier kisses. The fanged teeth on either side of Emma’s mouth gave an odd edge to the way she grinned down at Emily hungrily causing another jolt of arousal to shoot through Emily’s body.
She was so focused on Emma that she didn’t even realize someone had climbed up onto the bed behind her until she felt a pair of warm lips against the nape of her neck. They trailed slow kisses along her jawline before moving lower to suck at the sensitive spot where her neck met her shoulder gently enough to not leave a mark but still hard enough to make Emily arch back against Wonder Woman’s chest with a gasp.
As those lips continued their exploration of Emily’s neck, one of Wonder Woman’s hands began tracing circles along Emily’s clit sending shockwaves of pleasure spreading out from between her legs. At the same time, the other hand began massaging one of Emily’s breasts, rolling her nipple between two fingers as it hardened further under her touch.
Emily moaned loudly as she was overwhelmed by sensation. She squirmed against Wonder Woman who pushed back against Emily’s movements with a firmness that told Emily without words that she wasn’t going anywhere until they had finished what they had started.
Just when Emily thought she couldn’t take much more, she felt warm breath ghosting across one of her thighs. She looked down in time to see Emma giving her an innocent smile before leaning forward and blowing lightly over the wetness still glistening on the insides of both thighs making goosebumps break

Lesbian Heat Wave at the Party
The End

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