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A real cuckold experience

A real cuckold experience

I am a married, 48 year old man and I love to watch my wife have sex with other men. I like watching, enjoying, and masturbating when she is fucking. When my wife is fucking another man and he is shooting cum in her, I am the luckiest guy in the world. My wife, Simone, is 45 years and still beautiful, slim, and very sexy. She is an experienced lady, who loves sex with strange men. She is not a slut or whore, she has never done that for money, or she was a stripper. She is just a horny, sexual woman. We love each other very much. We live in Berlin and have been married for 15 years.

We have been going to swingers club in Berlin, where my wife is having sex with stranger men. I am watching and masturbating. Sometimes, when the man is shooting a big load of his hot cum in her, I will lick and eat all his sperm out from her. She loves, when I am licking and eating all the sperm from her pussy, and then fuck her. She also likes to have oral and vaginal sex with 2-3 guys at once. She loves it.

Last Friday night we were at a swinger club and we saw a lot of sexy young and old people. Some were fucking, others were kissing and caressing each other. I watched, and enjoyed. It was a very sexy and nice atmosphere. I was drinking and chatting with the barman and watching my wife. Simone was chatting with a 20-year-old young man, his name was Tim. He was a nice, good-looking boy, a tall 6 foot 2 inch young man. He had a 12 inch big dick, and was muscular. Simone was telling me, that Tim had a big dick. I loved that and said:

“Go and have sex with him.”

She took his hand and they walked over to the other side of the bar. I followed and was watching them. I could see my wife and the young man kissing, and then he was feeling and squeezing her ass. His big, strong hand was on her ass. Then she started to feel his big cock with her hand. I watched. Then, after a short while, the young man was pulling down her panties and then I could see her bare naked ass. They were both kissing, and then she unzipped his jeans and took out his big, long, thick, 12-inch cock. They were still kissing and his hand was squeezing her ass. She was touching and stroking his cock. Then she turned around and he pulled her skirt up, she was showing him her nice, sexy ass. He was touching her pussy, and his fingers were going in and out. Then he was licking her pussy from behind. I could see his wet tongue licking her pussy lips, and then he was kissing and licking her asshole. I was watching and masturbating. Then she started to suck his big cock. She was licking, and sucking his cock, and then deepthroating him. I was looking at his long, big, thick 12-inch cock in her mouth. His cock was so big, that I was afraid, she could hardly breathe. He was holding her head, and fucking her face. She was deepthroating him. His long, big, thick 12-inch cock was disappearing into her throat, and I could see his big balls. She was moaning and choking. After a while, she got up and he took her over to the bed, they laid down. I was standing next to the bed, and saw, that he was fingering her pussy, and licking her tits and nipples. Then, I could see his fingers again going in and out of her wet pussy. Simone was moaning, and then he took his long, big, thick 12 inches cock, and slowly, entered her. I could see the length and thickness of his big cock entering her pussy. He was fucking her, and Simone was enjoying and moaning. Then, he pulled his big cock out, and his hard cock was ready to explode. He put his big, 12-inch cock back into her pussy, and then came. I could see his hot, white, sperm was coming out of his big cock and was filling her. His hot cum was dripping from her pussy, and he pulled out his long, thick, 12-inch cock. Simone was on the bed, and her pussy was full of hot cum.

I licked and ate all his hot, white cum, and then I started to fuck her. After 10 minutes, Simone got up and kissed me. We walked out and went home.

At the next weekend, we were going to the same club. This time, we had 2-3 drinks and then my wife, Simone, went to the toilet. She told me, that she was meeting a new man there. She said, that his name was Peter, he was 40 years old, and was a bank director. I liked it and said:


I watched her go to the toilet and then I saw a nice-looking man, and he was talking to my wife. His name was Peter, he was 40-45 years old, had blond, short hair and was handsome. I watched them, and Peter was talking and looking at my wife, Simone. After a few minutes, I saw him kissing and caressing her, and she was enjoying it. His hand was on her ass and his fingers were slowly moving up and down. She was smiling. He took her hand and walked away, towards the Windows room. The windowed room has many small windows around its perimeter. People in the club can observe what occurs inside, but those inside cannot see out.

A real cuckold experience

They were in the room and I was looking in. After a few seconds, I could see, that Simone was getting undressed. Peter was taking off his clothes and I saw his big, hard cock. His cock was a 7-8 inch, long and thick, very big. He was laying down on the bed, and Simone was giving him a blowjob. Then, she was licking his balls, and he was holding her head and fucking her face. His big cock was going in and out of her mouth. He was fucking her face. Simone was choking and I could see his sperm was dripping from her mouth. His cum was dripping from her mouth. She was deepthroating his big cock. Simone was giving him a fantastic, great blowjob.

Then, I could see Peter turning Simone around and putting his hands under her ass. He was squeezing her ass and then, his tongue was licking her asshole. She was moaning, and then she turned and kissed him. She was licking his cum, that was on her lips. He was touching her breasts and nipples. Simone was laying down, and his tongue was going in and out of her pussy.

Peter was fingering her pussy, and licking her ass. I could see his tongue licking her ass, and going in and out.

After a while, he was on top of her and he was fucking her. I could see his big cock, and then he was kissing her. They were fucking, and I was enjoying and masturbating.

Suddenly, I noticed that many men were standing around the room, watching inside.

I could see his 7-8 inch, long and thick, big cock going in and out of her. He was fucking her, and then he slowed down.

I was watching and enjoyed. Then, he stopped fucking her, and stood up. I could see his big cock. His big cock was 8-9 inches, long and thick, and the biggest, and his big, big balls were hanging. He was touching and squeezing his big balls.

He was jerking off, and I could see his cum was about to come out. Simone was on the bed and his hot cum was shooting from his big, big cock and landed on her tits, and on her belly. He was stroking his long, big, thick, 8-9 inches cock, and his hot cum was dripping on her. His sperm was covering her. Then, he was stroking his big cock, and shooting his hot cum into her mouth. His sperm was going into her mouth, and down her throat. He was fucking her mouth. She was moaning, and trying to swallow. Then, his big cock was going in and out of her mouth. The room was full of men, watching, and I could hear the sound, his big cock was making, when it was in her mouth. Then, he pulled out his cock, and left the room.

Simone was covered with his hot cum. I looked and saw, his sperm was all over her face, and his sperm was on her breasts and belly. Her body was covered with his sperm. I loved it.

Simone came out and went to the toilet. A group of guys were hanging around, all watching to see where Simone was going. I could feel that they were all very hot and horny and looking for a chance to talk to Simone.

After 5 minutes, I saw, that she was coming back.

I asked her:

“Did you see the guys?”

She said:

“Yes. They want to fuck me.”

I was excited and asked:

“OK, what do you want to do?”

“I will let 2 guys fuck me, at the same time. In my pussy and ass.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I will try. But no one wants to fuck me in my ass.”


“Because I never did that, and the guys are afraid. Maybe if I show my asshole to them, and spread my ass, maybe they will fuck my ass. If not, I will just have 2 cocks in my pussy.

I looked and saw, that she was right. There were 5-6 guys around.

“OK. Show them your asshole. Then, you can fuck with 2-3 guys.”

Then she lifted her skirt, and bent over. She showed her nice, cute, sexy, pink asshole. She was spreading her ass.

“Look, how I spread my ass. My asshole is clean and shaved. Look at my asshole.”

The men were standing and watching, and I was masturbating. Then, Simone was walking and the guys followed her. She sat down, and the 5-6 guys were standing in front of her. She was talking, and smiling. Then, she was touching the 2 guys. They were kissing and feeling her body. After a short time, 2 of the guys were sitting and Simone was sitting on 1 guy. She was riding him and her skirt was covering his body. I could see the guys head. He was holding her and kissing her.

Then, she was moving up and down and moaning. After a while, Simone stopped riding and got up. Then, she was riding the other guy. They were both enjoying.

Then, the 2nd guy was standing up, and Simone was on her knees, giving him a blowjob.

Then, Simone got up, and they were all sitting down, and 2 guys were giving her a blowjob. She was laying back and enjoying. Then, she was sitting on 1 guy. Then, the other guy was kneeling, and his big cock was fucking her pussy. They were both fucking her. I could see the 2 big, big cocks going in and out.

Simone was moaning, and I was masturbating. Then, Simone stopped fucking.

After 5 minutes, Simone was sitting on 1 guy and his big cock was in her ass. Simone was riding his cock and enjoying.

Then, the other guy was standing and his big, long, thick, 9 inch cock was in her pussy. He was fucking her and the guy underneath was fucking her ass.

She was enjoying and moaning.

“Oh, god, I love this. I love your big, big, long, thick cocks in my pussy and asshole.

They were both fucking her, and Simone was moaning.

“Oh, yes, I love this. Your big, big cocks in my pussy and ass.”

The guys were fucking her, and I was watching.

“I want to come on your tits. I want to shoot my cum on your tits.”

Simone was saying:

“Yes, Yes, shoot your cum on my tits.”

Then, the guy was fucking her and pulling his big, thick cock out. His big cock was very big and red. Then, his big, thick, 9 inch cock was shooting his hot cum on her tits. His cum was all over her tits and nipples. Then, the other guy was fucking her ass.

“You are the first man, who fucked my ass tonight.

The guy was fucking her ass, and after a short time, his big, long, thick, 9 inch cock was pulling out, and his sperm was all over her ass. Simone was covered with hot cum.

I watched her. Simone was enjoying, and then she got up.

It was very late! We walked out, and went home.

It was a wonderful night. Many people in the club were eager to sleep with Simone. I loved it, and it was one of the best cuck experiences I’ve had so far. When we woke up the next day, we were both excited again. We had a very lovely sex together. I said to her, “I love you, Simone.

“Thank you, darling. I love you too.

A real cuckold experience!

The end.

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