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A Housewife’s Affair with the Family Servant


A Housewife's Affair with the Family Servant
A Housewife’s Affair with the Family Servant

A Housewife’s Affair with the Family Servant


A Housewife’s Affair with the Family Servant. Ashley was a married, horny woman who had two children. Her husband David worked long hours to provide for the family, often coming home late in the evening. While he was out working, Ashley spent her days taking care of their home and children.

To help with cleaning and shopping requirements, the family employed a man named Mark as a servant. He was strong and muscular, doing all the heavy lifting around the house while David was away. Mark’s presence had a subtle effect on Ashley, awakening feelings she hadn’t felt in years.

One hot summer day, Ashley decided to go for a swim in their backyard pool to cool off from the heat. She wore a revealing red bikini that accentuated her perfectly toned body. As she lay on a lounger sipping her iced tea, Mark walked by carrying cleaning supplies.

“Hey Ashley,” he said with a friendly smile. “Need anything else?”

The way he looked at her caused an instant reaction between her legs. She could feel herself becoming wet with desire.

“Actually,” she replied coyly, “I think there might be something you can help me with.”

Mark put down his supplies and walked over to where she was lounging. Ashley sat up and met his gaze.

“My husband works long hours,” she explained in a husky voice, “and I’m feeling… neglected.”

Understanding dawned on Mark’s face as he realized what she was suggesting.

“You want me to take care of that?” he asked eagerly.

Ashley nodded and reached out to trace a finger along the bulge in his pants. Mark’s cock twitched beneath her touch.

“I want your big dick inside my wet pussy,” she whispered urgently. A Housewife’s Affair with the Family Servant.

With that explicit invitation, any shred of restraint or professionalism crumbled away from Mark like dust in the wind. He dropped his pants without hesitation, freeing his throbbing member from its confines.

Ashley admired the sight before her, marveling at the size and girth of his cock. She knew it would fill her completely and bring her the satisfaction she craved.

“Fuck me,” she demanded, spreading her legs wide to reveal her swollen, dripping pussy.

Mark needed no further encouragement. He positioned himself between her open thighs and guided his cock into her waiting slit. As he entered her, they both let out a moan of pleasure.

He began to thrust in and out, each movement driving him deeper into Ashley’s tight, wet cunt. Their bodies slapped together as their passion intensified, the sound echoing through the empty backyard.

“Oh fuck,” Ashley cried out. “You’re stretching me so fucking good!”

Mark’s hands roamed over her body, gripping and squeezing at every opportunity. He buried his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her intoxicating scent.

“You’re such a fucking slut,” he growled in her ear. “Taking my dick like a desperate whore.”

Ashley loved the degrading language spewing from his lips; it only made her want him more. She matched his intensity with every word.

“Yes! I’m your dirty little slut! Fuck me harder!”

Their tempo increased as they neared the edge of release. Mark’s powerful thrusts never let up, each one driving them closer to their shared orgasm. A Housewife’s Affair with the Family Servant

“I’m gonna cum!” he grunted through clenched teeth.

Ashley felt his cock twitch inside of her just before he exploded with an animalistic roar. Hot spurts of cum shot deep into her pussy as she convulsed around him in ecstasy.

A Housewife’s Affair with the Family Servant

The heat of Mark’s seed combined with Ashley’s own juices to create a deliciously sticky mess between their bodies. They clung to each other for a moment longer before collapsing onto the lounger in a sweaty heap.

As they regained their breath and composure, Ashley looked up at Mark with a satisfied smile.

“I think we should do this again,” she said, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

Mark nodded in agreement, a grin spreading across his handsome face.

“Anytime you’re feeling neglected, just let me know.”

With that promise hanging in the air, they shared a knowing look before getting dressed and going about their separate duties for the day.

Little did they know that this would be the first of many hot, illicit encounters to come. The sexual tension between them was too powerful to ignore, and they both knew it was only a matter of time before their desires consumed them once more.

A Housewife’s Affair with the Family Servant

The End

A Housewife’s Affair with the Family Servant

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