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A Gay Erotic Tale

A Gay Erotic Tale
A Gay Erotic Tale

A Gay Erotic Tale

I walk into the bar and look around, trying to spot my friend. We usually meet up for happy hour on Fridays, but he hasn’t answered his phone or responded to texts. I find a seat at the bar and order a beer, then take out my phone and scroll through social media while I wait.

After a few minutes, someone takes the seat next to me. Without looking up from my phone I say, “Hey, man! Sorry about not answering your messages.” I glance over and my face turns beet red as I see that it isn’t my friend. The guy is tall with blond hair and glasses but the thing that that catches my attention is the size of the bulge in his pants.

“Oh shit!” I exclaim as my face turns even redder. “Sorry, dude! I thought you were someone else!”

The guy chuckles and says, “No worries! Happens to me all the time!” He holds out his hand and says, “I’m Kyle.”

I shake his hand and say sheepishly, “I’m Mark.”

We sit there in awkward silence for a minute before Kyle speaks up. “So… do you wanna fuck?”

My eyes widen as I choke on my beer. Once I recover from my surprise, I ask incredulously, “What?”

Kyle grins at me and repeats himself. “I said do you wanna fuck? My place is just around the corner.”

I hesitate for a moment before nodding slowly. My sex life has been pretty nonexistent since breaking up with my ex-boyfriend several months ago, so this offer is like manna from heaven.

Kyle hops off his stool and waits by the door as he watches me finish my beer. When I set the empty bottle on the bar he grabs me by the arm and practically drags me out of the bar.

Once we’re outside he slows down a little bit so we can walk side by side. “I noticed you checking out my package,” he says. “You like what you see?”

I look down at his crotch and blush when I realize that I’m still half-hard from the earlier sight. “Yeah,” I admit sheepishly.

Kyle grins and starts to rub his hand over his crotch, teasingly. He moans softly as he asks, “You want to touch it? Take it out and play with it?”

I nod eagerly and we duck into a nearby alley. Kyle undoes his belt and unzips his pants before pulling out his cock. It’s even bigger than it looked through his jeans, around nine inches long and thick as a beer can.

“Go on,” Kyle urges me as he starts stroking himself slowly. “Wrap your hand around it.”

I reach out with a trembling hand and gently grip the base of his cock. I slowly stroke up toward the tip until I feel pre-cum leaking from the slit.

Kyle moans loudly as my thumb brushes across the sensitive head of his dick. He grabs me by the hair and pulls me in for a kiss as he continues to stroke himself with one hand.

After a few minutes, Kyle pushes me away gently so he can finish getting undressed. Once he’s naked, he pushes me to my knees in front of him.

“Open wide, slut!” Kyle orders me as he holds his cock in front of my lips.

I do as I’m told without hesitating, eager to please this sexy stranger who has taken charge.

“That’s right! Just like that!” Kyle praises me as he pushes forward until my lips touch the base of his shaft.

He holds himself there for a moment while I adjust to having all that meat in my mouth before pulling back slightly so that just the head is inside my mouth before pushing back in again.

Kyle sets up a rhythm quickly, fucking my face in earnest. I relax my throat and let him fuck my mouth, moaning around his cock as he hits the back of my throat over and over again.

“Fuck! You’re good at this!” Kyle grunts as he continues to use me for his pleasure. “You like being a cocksucking whore, don’t ya?”

I moan in agreement as I reach between my legs to stroke my own cock. It doesn’t take long before I’m on the edge of orgasm and it seems that Kyle is too.

“Fucking cum for me, bitch!” Kyle orders me as he holds the base of his cock firmly in place and starts shooting his load down my throat.

The first spurt catches me off guard but I manage to swallow it all without choking. The rest of his cum shoots onto my tongue and drips out of the corner of my lips when I can’t swallow fast enough.

Once Kyle’s orgasm subsides, he pulls out of my mouth and gives me a few minutes to catch my breath before ordering me to get undressed.

I look up at him with a quizzical expression, not sure what he wants from me. He just smirks and says, “Don’t worry! Your slutty little mouth will get more use before we’re done.”

I grin at him and quickly strip out of my clothes until I’m standing naked in front of him. He steps closer and runs his hands over my body, lingering on my nipples before continuing down to grip a handful of ass cheek in each hand.

“Damn! You have a nice ass, slut!” Kyle compliments me as he gives each cheek a firm squeeze. “But first,” he adds with a smirk, “I need to mark you as mine.”

Before I have time to process what he said or question his intentions, Kyle grabs me by the hair once more and pulls me into another kiss while simultaneously burying one hand between my ass cheeks and pushing a finger into my asshole.

I moan into his mouth as he starts to fuck me with his finger, using the pre-cum that’s still on my lips from earlier as lube. I reach down and start stroking my cock again, eager to cum but also wanting to hold off so we can enjoy this for a little longer.

After a few minutes of kissing and fingering, Kyle pulls away from me abruptly and orders me to turn around. I do as I’m told without question and brace myself against the brick wall at the end of the alley. I jump slightly when I feel something cool and wet touch my asshole.

Kyle grins at me before spitting on his hand and using it to lube up his dick. “Ready or not, here comes the fun part!” he warns me with a sadistic chuckle.

Before I have time to process what he said, let alone respond, he slams his hips forward and buries his entire length in one brutal thrust.

“Fuck!” I howl as every inch of him fills my tight hole completely.

Kyle smirks at me over my shoulder before pulling back almost all the way out only to slam back in just as hard causing us both to groan loudly.

“You like that, you fucking slut?”

I said, Yesss!

A Gay Erotic Tale

The End

A Gay Erotic Tale

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